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We contributed to the Special Issue of the Caribbean Naturalist on Endangered and Threatened Species of the Caribbean Region with a paper that provides the first-ever evidence of Wood Stork dispersal from the US to Mexico. Check it out!


We are recruiting a Data Manager to fill an immediate opening for the position of a Biological Scientist in the lab. The Data Manager will be responsible for the group’s database system, and will assist with multiple projects investigating for instance animal fine-scale movement in urban areas, or migration and range dynamics in the context of climate change.


Raccoon season is over! This was a very successful trapping week! We caught 18 raccoons, including two recaptures. Check out all the details!


Last week, the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation had their annual awards ceremony at Lake Wauburg. Simona was selected as a recipient of the 2018 Florida Wildlife Federation Graduate Student Scholarship!


On April 23rd–24th, we hosted a Data Carpentry workshop to teach basic programming and data management skills to people at FLREC and beyond.




Research project on raccoon home ranges and ecological flows

Wood Storks

Research project on Wood Stork movement ecology.


Development of packages and resources for R.


Navigation of seabirds on the vast ocean, and the role of infrasound


Caitlin Jarvis

Caitlin is a technician working on the Raccoon project.

Simona Picardi

Simona started her PhD on Wood Stork movement ecology in 2015.

Rocío Joo

Rocío is a postdoctoral associate who started in 2018.

Alexis Bruant

Alexis did his Master thesis on Wood Storks reproductive success in 2017.

David Bucklin

David was the Biological Scientist in the lab from 2015 to 2017.

Balázs Dukai

Balázs worked as a Google Summer of Code student in 2016 and 2017.

Mel Moreno

Mel was an Intern working on creating beautiful maps in 2017.

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(2018). GPS telemetry reveals occasional dispersal of federally threatened Wood Stork from the Southeastern US to Mexico. Caribb Nat.

PDF Issue

(2018). rpostgis: Linking R with a PostGIS Spatial Database. R Journal.


(2018). Evaluating GPS biologging technology for studying spatial ecology of large constricting snakes. Anim. Biotelem..

PDF Dataset URL

(2017). Life histories and conservation of long-lived reptiles, an illustration with the American Crocodile (Crocodylus acutus). J. Animal Ecol..

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