A decade of movement ecology: Preliminary results

If you didn’t read the introduction to this work, you can read about it here.

Using several keywords, a search on Web of Knowledge and a subsequent filtering procedure in R (more details in manuscript to come), we identified 4417 movement ecology papers published in 2009-2018.

Movement Ecology framework/paradigm

Remember the framework presented by Nathan et al. (2008)? We identified how many articles were tackling each component of the framework and this is what we found:

Number of studies associated to each component of the movement ecology framework


Number of studies associated to each taxa

Mammals are the most studied taxon, though it is mostly driven by Carnivora and Artiodactyla. These are not the most abundant of the mammal orders, so there must be other reasons for this. We think it can be mostly because they are easier to track.

Number of studies associated to each order of mammals


R is becoming, by far the most used software for movement ecology analysis. See our pre-print reviewing R packages for movement, and the results of a survey directed to users of those packages.

Proportion of studies per year using each software

Wait for more results in the paper!