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  • Florida State exemption letter: _ Authorization number: 80-3527
    • Expires on July 31, 2021
    • Need to submit letter requesting renewal within 60 days of the expiration date.
  • DEA License
    • “Controlled substance registration certificate”
    • DEA registration number: RB0526042
    • Expires on July 31, 2019
    • Need to submit letter requesting renewal within 60 days of the expiration date.
    • Complete inventory at least once every two years
    • Refer to the immobilization section for more information on DEA requirements
  • Permit from Trapping Site- Tree Tops:
    • Permit number ES2019-013
    • Expires on December 2019


  • AALAS Training
    • Two mandatory trainings: “Working With The IACUC (Ag and Wildlife Version” and “Pain Management in Laboratory Animals”
    • Log in the AALAS Learning Library (with your Gatorlink username and password)
    • Click on the AALAS Login button which will send you directly to the AALAS website.
  • Animal Contact form:
    • Initial (Record review: Animal Contact Risk Assessment: $67)
    • Renewal (every three years).
  • Vaccination:
    • Rabies: Immunization Series/Booster within 2 years or Positive titre (Proper rabies titre- neutralizing antibodies of at least 0.5 IU/ml.) (WHO)
      • It takes 21 days for the full pre-exposure rabies vaccination and up to a month to check titre levels. Only one or two booster shots may be needed if someone has been vaccinated before, but you will have to be tested again after each shot to see if titres are high enough. It takes about 10 days for antibodies to build up. So, if you are testing titre levels, start about three months ahead of time.
      • Links to local rabies shot locations can be found here
    • Tetanus: Immunization within 10 years. Sometimes a booster is recommended at five years. Any doctor office or walk in clinic will typically have a tetanus vaccine.
  • UF Authorization for staff to handle drugs
  • Basic-Life support training
  • University of Florida Training
    • List of courses can be found here
    • Hazardous Waste Management for Off Campus Facilities - EHS809A - required every year
    • Maintaining a Safe and Respectful Campus: Sexual Violence, Harassment and Discrimination Awareness and Prevention - GET803v - required every two years
    • Heat Stress - EHS819
    • Compliance: A Collaboration for Success!
    • PCard What PCard Holders Need
    • PCard for Travel
    • PCard for Commodities