First Things: Preparing a Field Session

Table of Contents

Before Going to the Field

  • Check that all permits are valid and all training is completed
  • Check equipment
  • Contact field site to ensure that the site is accessible and facilities are unlocked
  • Check weather before leaving each day

Equipment Check

Before a trapping session check equipment.

  • One to two weeks before each trapping session check all traps for proper functionality. Sometimes just setting and triggering a few times can loosen a stuck trap, and making sure none of the parts are stuck in the sides of the trap. If not, apply a small amount of WD-40 to loosen. A guide on adjusting the traps can be found here and a video here.
  • Sign out the truck, 40100 (bigger backdeat)
  • Test GPS collars as soon as they arrive, and again before putting them on raccoons.
  • Test anything that uses batteries - digital scales, thermometers, headlamps, PIT reader, timers, GPS unit, radios.
  • Check levels of all other supplies at least a month in advance, check again the week before trapping
  • Charge batteries and radios each night