Table of Contents


  • Chemical agents will be secured in a briefcase in the field
  • 34” 22 gauge syringes
  • Sharps disposal
  • Supply checklist to go over every night
  • Precalculated dosage chart
  • Have all contact information in briefcase


Inventory An exact inventory must be taken as soon as the controlled substances are ordered.

DEA Form 222 will be filled out to order controlled substances.

All chemicals must be recorded accurately!

The DEA requires an exact inventory every two years from the date on the license (11/17/2017). Include BOB or COB for beginning or close of the business day. This will be done yearly using the ChemTracker Program. A tutorial of this program cab be found here. This will be used to track all chemicals, but only the controlled substances need to be reported to the DEA. This inventory will be maintained at the location the substances are kept.

Any substances not used by the end of the project must be returned to the DEA Diversion for reverse distribution.

Add the DEA number on all records and inventories (RB0526042).

Theft and Loss

Any theft or loss must be reported within one business day by submitting DEA Form 106 to the Field Division Office in the area. This must be reported even if the substance is recovered.


  • The quantity and substances lost
  • Any patterns over time, efforts taken to resolve losses
  • Are the controlled substances candidates for diversion?

Chemical agents will be stored in a fireproof, waterproof safe bolted to the floor. Approved 11/09/17.

DEA Diversion Website


Dispose of sharps in a sharps disposal container. They will be autoclaved by the Microbiology Lab. Sharps are not subjected to additional DEA requirements.