Paper on our rpostgis package in the R journal

The paper on our rpostgis package is out in the R journal! This package provides an interface between R and PostGIS databases, with bidirectional transfer of both vector (points, lines, polygons) and raster data!

The paper provides a detailed overview of the package capabilities, with functions dedicated to spatial data, as well as general PostgreSQL management:

  • PostGIS management:
    • Check and create PostGIS extension: pgPostGIS
    • List geometries/rasters: pgListGeom and pgListRast
    • Find (or create) PostGIS SRID based on CRS object: pgSRID
    • Spatial data transfer (vector data): pgInsert and pgGetGeom
    • Spatial data transfer (raster data): pgWriteRast and pgGetRast
    • Bounding box retrieval: pgGetBoundary
    • Add a POINT or LINESTRING geometry field: pgMakePts and pgMakeStp
  • PostgreSQL functions and wrappers:
    • Storing R data.frames in PostgreSQL: dbWriteDataFrame and dbReadDataFrame
    • Check and create schema: dbSchema
    • Comment on table/view/schema: dbComment
    • Add or remove a column: dbColumn
    • Add a primary or foreign key: dbAddKey
    • Create an index: dbIndex
    • Convert to timestamp: dbAsDate
    • Garbage-collect and analyze a database (VACUUM): dbVacuum
    • Drop table/view/schema: dbDrop
    • Get information about table columns: dbTableInfo

See all the details of our paper here, with a link to the PDF and additional resources.



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