New paper published on Caribbean Naturalist Special Issue

We contributed to the Special Issue of the Caribbean Naturalist on Endangered and Threatened Species of the Caribbean Region with a paper that provides the first-ever evidence of Wood Stork dispersal from the US to Mexico.

Our paper documents Wood Stork dispersal movements from the southeastern US to Mexico for the first time. Two individuals in our tracking study moved from Georgia and eastern Mississippi, respectively, to the Chiapas region of Mexico. Until now, no Wood Stork from the US population had ever been observed west of the Mississippi River Basin. These dispersal events, despite rather sporadic, are exciting news because of their implications for genetic mixing between Wood Stork populations across the American continent.

Tracks of two Wood Storks who dispersed to Mexico (the insert shows
an overview of all movement tracks)

See all the details of our paper here, with a link to the PDF. Also, check out the other articles in this Special Issue of the Caribbean Naturalist!