gps collars

Retrieving the Collar from Sleepy Hollow the Raccoon

It was finally time to retrieve the last collar from the April raccoon session, which was carried around by Sleepy Hollow the Raccoon. With the help of the last GPS locations, and the VHF beacon embedded in the collar, we went to a likely spot for the collar. Everything indicated that the collar was near, but we just could not see it.…

Collecting GPS Data from Arya the Raccoon

Monitoring raccoons with GPS collars is fun, but also challenging! Sometimes it is difficult to get a signal from the GPS collar to our base station to download data. This was the case with Arya the raccoon, who we had not gotten a download from since June 1st

Collecting GPS Data from Ma Barker the Raccoon

Our project is studying raccoons in south Florida. We are starting our study in Tree Tops Park. For now, our biggest focus is on home ranges of raccoons, which we monitor with GPS collars. Normally, Ma Barker is an easy raccoon to find…