Table of Contents

After The Field

Before leaving each night run a quick check of equipment:

  • Are all controlled substances accounted for?
  • All sharps disposed of?
  • Ensure no traps are set.
  • Is paperwork organized and complete?
  • Is all other equipment accounted for?
    • PIT reader, guns, and tags, GPS, scales
    • Lights, pens, papers, anything else
  • Lock controlled substances in safe and dispose of sharps
  • Remember to charge/change batteries

At the end of the trapping week

  • Wash raccoon cover sheets and disinfect or replace table covers
  • Have all paperwork organized and ready to enter
  • Collect, clean, collapse all traps. Disinfect with spray bottle of chlorhexidine, sit for 10 minutes, and wash with hose.
  • Autoclave sharps and biohazards
  • Run a supply check