The Tree Tops BioBlitz is complete!

The Tree Tops Park BioBlitz completed with great success this Saturday. We had over 20 people show up to help us document the species in this park. We logged almost 300 observation of 140 species. This was a tremendous success and we hope to take what we learned this time and translate it to even better BioBlitzes in the future.

Join us for the first ever Tree Tops Park BioBlitz

We are conducting our first ever BioBlitz at Tree Tops Park this November. These events allow citizens and experts to come together to count all plants and animals in the park. Join us November 3rd to kick off our inaugural BioBlitz.

Raccoon project: October field season is over!

As October ends, so does our latest raccoon trapping session. It did not feel much like Fall, with humidity reaching 95% and temperatures similar to July. However, this does not seem to bother the raccoons…

Raccoon October field season

We will be starting our fourth raccoon field session in a few short weeks from the nights of 14 till 18 October. Would you like to volunteer and get valuable experience with wildlife? Contact us!

Retrieving the Collar from Sleepy Hollow the Raccoon

It was finally time to retrieve the last collar from the April raccoon session, which was carried around by Sleepy Hollow the Raccoon. With the help of the last GPS locations, and the VHF beacon embedded in the collar, we went to a likely spot for the collar. Everything indicated that the collar was near, but we just could not see it.…

Raccoon project: July field season is over!

Raccoon season is over! Thirteen raccoons captured this time, and only one recapture, not counting possums, mosquitoes, and one python! Check out all the details!

Collecting GPS Data from Arya the Raccoon

Monitoring raccoons with GPS collars is fun, but also challenging! Sometimes it is difficult to get a signal from the GPS collar to our base station to download data. This was the case with Arya the raccoon, who we had not gotten a download from since June 1st

Collecting GPS Data from Ma Barker the Raccoon

Our project is studying raccoons in south Florida. We are starting our study in Tree Tops Park. For now, our biggest focus is on home ranges of raccoons, which we monitor with GPS collars. Normally, Ma Barker is an easy raccoon to find…

Raccoon project: April field season is over!

Raccoon season is over! This was a very successful trapping week! We caught 18 raccoons, including two recaptures. Check out all the details!