CRAN Task View: Processing and Analysis of Tracking Data

We recently published a review paper on 58 R packages created to process or analyze tracking data. However, R packages are dynamic, new packages are created, old packages get updated and some even disappear or get deprecated due to lack of maintenance. For that reason, we created a CRAN Task View (CTV) on tracking packages.

sftraj: What is a trajectory?

In this new post from the sftraj series, we now present a detailed conceptual model for movement, from the basic location to a complete trajectory. Essentially, this is the logics behind sftraj.

sftraj: Existing classes for trajectory data in R

We now have a problem, a team, and use cases to consider for our sftraj package. In order to be relevant, we also need to know what does already exist in R, what other projects have attempted to deal with trajectories and tracking data, and what lessons can we learn from this. In this post of the sftraj series, we thus review the state of affairs in the R world.

sftraj: Work plan and call for contribution

After introducing the problem and our team in the previous blog post, we now present in this second post of the ‘sftraj’ series a brief overview of the sftraj package as projected, and how we will work to implement it. Most importantly, we also ask your help, and explain how you (developers and users!) can contribute to the success of sftraj.

sftraj: A central class for tracking and movement data

It is now official, our proposal to the R Consortium to code an R package dedicated to tracking data has been accepted! In this first blog post of the ‘sftraj’ series, we will introduce the problem and the need for such a package, before getting into the nuts and bolts of the proposal.